App Subscriptions v/s Team Subscriptions

Common differences between app and team subscriptions, and frequently asked questions

Subscriptions apply to Squidex Cloud only.

Teams were introduced to solve problems with sharing costs and changing subscription ownership. This article tries to provide differences between App Subscriptions and Teams Subscriptions and answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Let's start with a table provides a difference between App Subscriptions and Team Subscriptions

(Single) App SubscriptionsTeam Subscriptions

Each App has its own subscription.

Multiple Apps that are part of a Team share the subscription.

Contributors in an App with the role "owner" are not subscription owners. Only the contributor that created the subscription is the owner.

All contributors of a team are subscription owners as well.

App subscription ownership cannot be transferred to another contributor

Subscription transfer issues do not apply to teams.

Note that App owner and Subscription owner is not the same, especially in App settings where you can add more than one owner, these owners are App owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about App Subscriptions

How can I transfer an app subscription ownership to another user?

Unfortunately, subscription ownership transfer in Apps is not possible. You can only cancel the subscription, which does not delete any data.

What happens when the app subscription owner leaves the company?

Create a support request at to get it cancelled. On cancelling the subscription, the App will fall back to the free plan but no data will be lost. Please remember that you cannot add new members anymore, because the limits of the free plan apply.

What happens if there is some money left in the app subscription?

Start with a subscription cancellation request first. You can then subscribe to the cheapest plan and create a support request to get promotional credit for your balance. When you change your new subscription to the target plan the promotional credit will be applied and deducted from your invoice.

Can I apply usage restrictions to an app in a shared subscription?

There is no system in place to restrict the usage for a single app. But if you go the client settings of your app you can configure a limit for the number of API calls that a single client can make. Use this setting to ensure that one app does not dry out other apps.

Can an app be moved to a team with a different subscription plan?

(For example app subscription is Professional, where as teams subscription is Basic) Unfortunately No. The process is to cancel the current subscription for the App first and the move the App into the Team. Otherwise the applied limits would be inconsistent and confusing.

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