Squidex Cloud

Quickly get started with Squidex by using Squidex Cloud hosted by us.

We provide an SaaS version hosted by us for anyone who wishes to quickly start using Squidex without the hassle of installation, configuration, maintenance etc. You can get started for free and move along as your needs increase.

To install Squidex yourself click here for installation instructions available for various platforms.

Signing up for Squidex Cloud

  1. Start by navigating to https://cloud.squidex.io.

  2. Click Login to Squidex (1) and then select Signup (2). Use one of the Identity providers such as GitHub, Google or Microsoft to signup to Squidex.

  3. In the following steps you will be prompted to sign in and authorize Squidex with your identity provider. Upon successful signup, you are logged in to Squidex dashboard (you may have to login again, if required).

Using Squidex Cloud

You can now start with an empty App (click here to read what an App in Squidex is) or select one of the starter Apps that we provide. Starter Apps come with sample schema(s) and some sample content, they help you to quickly get started using Squidex.

In the following example, we will use the starter sample blog to quickly create an App.

  1. Click Starter Sample Blog (1) to get started.

  2. Enter a unique Name (2) (in Squidex Cloud if an App name is already taken it will ask you to enter a different name) and click Create (3).

  3. Click on the newly create App (4) to access it.

  4. You can now explore the pre-populated schemas and content and make modifications / additions to them. For a better understanding we highly recommend looking at the documentation.

  5. At this point the App is ready to be used with a frontend of your choice. We have a few quick start guides that work with the blog sample which you can explore here:

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