Install on Heroku

Install on Heroku

1. Use the 1-Click Deploy Button

Deploy to Heroku

2. Fill in the details

Make sure that you fill in the App name (1) field with something unique, and then fill the DOMAIN (2) variable with the external domain you want your Squidex instance to be available on.
You can ignore MONGO_USERNAME and MONGO_PASSWORD for now.
Fill Details
When you are done, click Deploy App.

3. Wait for the Deployment to Complete

Deployment Started
Deployment Finished
When it's finished, click Manage app (1).

4. Create MongoDB database and credentials

On the Dashboard, click ObjectRocket for MongoDB (1).
Open ObjectRocket Dashboard
On the ObjectRocket Dashboard, click DATABASES (1) and then Add Database (2).
Open Databases
Enter the database name (1) (must be squidex), the Username and the Password (2). Keep note of those, as you will need them for the next step.
Create Database

5. Fill In the Database Credentials

Back at the Heroku Dashboard, click Settings (1), then click Reveal Config Vars (2).
Fill the fields MONGO_PASSWORD (1) and MONGO_USERNAME (2) with the same credentials you provided in the previous step.
Config Vars
You should then be ready to go!


Please check the logs by clicking More, and then View logs.

Restart Dynos

In case the deployment gets stuck, go to the top right of the dashboard, click More and then Restart all dynos.

More issues?

For other issues, it is likely that you have a configuration problem not related to hosting under Heroku. Checkout the following documentation: