Apps are Used to Group Content for Projects, Teams or Applications.

This documentation is based on the FoodCrunch use case. Please open the link below alongside this page to understand the examples.

pageIntroduction and Use Case

What is an App?

An App in Squidex is the highest level of organization for your content. An App could represent a project, a team or an application in your organization or structure. This is where the schema, actual content, assets and settings etc., live.

An App is made up of the following:

  • A display name, description and logo to make it discoverable in the overview.

  • Schemas to define the structure of your content.

  • Content itself.

  • Assets such as images, that belong to your App and are linked to your content.

  • Rules to model business workflows.

  • Custom Workflow definitions.

  • Collaborators who can work on your content with roles and permissions.

  • A subscription and an associated plan in the Squidex Cloud.

    Subscriptions and plans are applicable only when using Squidex Cloud (

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