Install on Render

Install on Render

1. Use the 1-Click Deploy button

2. Fill In the details

Fill the Service Group Name (1) and then fill the DOMAIN (2) variable with the external domain you wish your Squidex instance to be available on.

You can leave the Branch field at the default master.

When you are done, click Apply (3).

3. Wait For the Deployment to complete

When it's finished, click managed resources (1).

4. Get the external URL

Click squidex_squidex (1).

Your URL (1) will be just below the service name.

You should then be ready to go!


Please check the logs by clicking Logs (1) in the service page.

More issues?

For other issues, it is likely that you have a configuration problem not related to hosting under Render. Checkout the following documentation:


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