Scheduled Publishing

Learn About Scheduling Content

This documentation is based on the FoodCrunch use case. Please open the link below alongside this page to understand the examples.

pageIntroduction and Use Case

When you add content through the Squidex portal, you can either Save or Save and Publish.

Save and Publish publishes your content immediately, however there may be instances where you would like to publish your content at a later date. You can do this by scheduling your content.

To schedule your content, select Save content. Once your content is saved, navigate back to the list of content. Select the content(s) that you would like to publish at a later date by using the checkbox (1), then click Published (2).

On the pop-up prompt select Set to Published at a later point date and time (3) and click Confirm (4). Click on the time zone to change between Local & UTC, if required.

You can now see your content publishing schedule under Scheduled Contents.

The Scheduled Contents area has a daily, weekly and monthly view that you can toggle between.

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