This is a short tutorial how to make the first requests with postman.

1. Create an App

The first step is to create an application. Choose a name of your choice.

Create App

2. Create a Schema

Next create a schema. In this example we added a single field.

Create Schema

Ensure that the schema is published. Otherwise you cannot create content for the schema.

Create Fields

3. Add Content

Add some content to your schema.

Create Contents

4. Create a Client

Create a client for each application. Choose a name.

Create Client

We have implemented the OpenID client credentials flow: to make requests.

You have to make a request to get an authentication token. This token is valid for 30 days:

$ curl
-X POST 'http://localhost:5000/identity-server/connect/token/'
-H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
-d 'grant_type=client_credentials&

For now we just use the 'Create Token' button to get the access token.

Get Token

5. Download Swagger Specification

Open the API documentation under API\Swagger and download the swagger specification:

Download Swagger

6. Make the request with Postman

  1. Open Postman

  2. Import the Swagger specification (just ignore the errors).

  3. Open the collection for your app and use the Query-request.

  4. Just delete the query strings for now.

  5. Add an authorization header and copy the access token from Step4.

Make Request