This documentation is based on the FoodCrunch use case. Please open the below link side by side to this page to understand the examples.
An asset in Squidex is a static content such as a file, a document, an image, a video or any other media file. These assets may be used along with the data in Content area.
An example for our FoodCrunch use case could be the logo of the startups.
Assets can be uploaded to the root or in folders. For example assets of type images could be uploaded to a folder called images.
To create a folder click
icon (2), enter a Folder Name (3) e.g. images, click Create (4).

Asset Properties

An asset has properties and some of them can be modified after uploading the asset.
Properties such as Name, Slug, Tags, Metadata can be added and/or modified. One can also protect an asset from anonymous download by checking the Protected box. This makes the asset private and hence a token is required to download it directly.
All assets uploaded are public by default.