Install on Kubernetes

Install Squidex on a Kubernetes cluster

Supported platforms

  • Kubernetes 1.14+

Use the Helm chart

We provide a Helm chart:
It will run 2 deployments:
It will also create a service and ingress.
Make sure to have an Ingress Controller already setup, such as NGINX.

1. Add the repository

helm repo add Squidex

2. Install the chart

Your kubeconfig must already be in place, and you should be able to run kubectl commands against your cluster.
helm install squidex/squidex --set env.URLS__BASEURL=https://squidex.your.domain --set ingress.hostName=squidex.your.domain

3. Wait for the rollout

kubectl rollout status deployment/squidex


Please check the logs first using docker.
kubectl logs deploy/squidex

Common issues

Warning for ServerGC

info: Orleans.Runtime.Silo[100404] Silo starting with GC settings: ServerGC=False GCLatencyMode=Interactive warn: Orleans.Runtime.Silo[100405] Note: Silo not running with ServerGC turned on - recommend checking app config : -- warn: Orleans.Runtime.Silo[100405] Note: ServerGC only kicks in on multi-core systems (settings enabling ServerGC have no effect on single-core machines).
This is not a critical warning. ServerGC is a special garbage collector as it has no positive or negative impact when running with a single core. You can just ignore it.
Solution: Request more than 1 CPU
cpu: 2

More issues?

It is very likely a configuration problem and not related to hosting under Docker. Checkout