Install with Docker

Supported platforms

Digital Ocean Droplets are not supported right now, because their DNS prevents that a container can make a request to itself, which is needed to get OIDC via Identity Server working properly. The issue has been discussed in the support forum.

Use the docker-compose setup

We provide a docker-compose configuration:

It will run 4 containers:

  • Squidex

  • NGINX as Reverse Proxy to support HTTPS

  • NGINX sidecar to provision free and secure certificates with LetsEncrypt.

  • MongoDB

1. Download the files

Download the following files to your server:

  • docker-compose.yml

  • .env

2. Configure Squidex

Open the .env file and set the following variables:




Your domain name, e.g. we use


The email address of the admin user.


The password of the admin user (Must contain a lowercase and uppercase letter, a number and a special character).


Keep it unchanged. You can set it to false to disable permanent redirects from http to https.


Keep it unchanged. You can set it to http to disable secure connections.

You can keep the other settings empty for now.

3. Create the MongoDB database folder

The data will be stored outside of the docker container to simplify the backups. Create the folder with

sudo mkdir /var/mongo/db

4. Run the docker-compose file

docker-compose up -d

More issues?

It is very likely a configuration problem and not related to hosting under Docker. Checkout